Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Xmas,#followfriday and the past week

Hello guys and girls I hope I find you all well today.

I promised a blog a while ago with pictures from fife. Well as you can see there is some.

On the Friday I went upto Glasgow. I missed the accident at Buchanan Bus Station. I put my suitcase in left luggage £6 and headed to hear good band outside @glasgowshopping then I headed for Glasgow Science Centre. I went to see Tron Legacy 3d. I gave it 7/10. I wasnt really surprised with the storyline and it was my first 3d movie and the graphics are something else. I wouldnt see it 2d though.

Then my sister phoned me whens the next bus when I am walking through Sauchiehall Street. I was a bit busy watching where I was walking so she told me 4.50pm to Leven.

So got the bus and taxi'd upto my sisters from centre of town/village.

The family sang Happy Birthday. That day I had around 40 messages on facebook saying happy birthday (it kept my phone busy) so thank you to you all.

Next morning I headed into Leven, got some breakfast and relaxed in the morning. At 12.30 I started to get ready. It took to about 1.30 to finish it. We headed to registry office in the car and Xander didnt want to stand still, ofcourse.

The service went fairly well apart from registrar being nervous, but thats allowed. I was a true scotsman but didnt stand outside very long atall. Not when it got into positive territory in temperatures.

We back back to house and I just sat about for a long time.

That night when Xander was away to bed I watched the weather and saw Fife was going to get bad with even more snow so though I had better get out of fife sooner, rather than later. I said the next morning what I was doing to the rest of them and we all decided to come back to Ayrshire (5 of us). We went to Glenrothes. Now we supposedly had 55 minutes inbetween buses going to Glasgow. We had 5 minutes left. I had Kingdomfm on (some of the time) and updated on their page of the weather as people were asking about buses.

We then still had a bit of snow coming down home but not the amount in fife.

I got off bus my usual 100 yards from bus stop and had post to deal with.

Everything appeared ok in the house, I had a bath and went to Cumnock.

On Monday I got up and watched wwe stuff. Unfortunately a pipe burst in the kitchen washing machine and had filled the sink. I reported it to the @eastayrshire, they fixed in Tuesday afternoon. I created Cumnock RFC a twitter address as pitchero were asking for facebook and twitter pages for the clubs. I will strictly only put Cumnock RFC News on there. So far only 14 followers including @hamiltonBulls thank you to all you out there on Monday who followed it, but does anyone else want to.

Tuesday was good in evening as "the plamphs" won open the envelope (£10 each) and I picked the envelope at the Royal Hotel.

I notice the SunInnCumnock is developing a website that they still have development signs on. I personally wouldn't be advertising it without it being ready for launch.

Wednesday I got karaoke machine going in rugby club. Thursday I was at each for blood test. It went well. Unfortunately later I didnt feel great and had to tell David not to come in incase I give him anything. I didnt even have dinner with my team.

I ate later and felt fine.

I also listened to Social Media Podcast 29 which I really enjoyed. Maybe Willie Walsh should start using tweetdeck so he can get information out. I dont think ipad with sell 2 million a month. I also dont get phone coverage on m77 around Glasgow city centre as well. Lynseys story was the best last night.

So now we are at today which means #followfriday.

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Oh yeah and merry christmas when you celebrate it.