Friday, 26 November 2010

yeah that was the only joke

Well how are we all, I did follow fridays for the following people on twitter, I aint hyperlinking today for these.

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Wednesday I didn't do much, watched Rangers V Man Utd. I didn't really enjoy it that much but you can guess why. It was a penalty though for the bad challenge. I am glad STV did show it as well with their own commentators. On other TV matters, I am glad I have been catching lots of weather.

I then watched The Apprentice with Lord Sugar. There was definately a bromance going on there, but THEY should have taken earlier appointment. It wasn't great. I think one of the women will win, none of the boys inspire me.

I am still watching House as well. I enjoyed it, but the storyline has definately changed since the start of the series. I caught up on Stargate Universe as well after a few weeks. It is still good and the story is getting better. The producers probably know what they are doing though, that franchise has been going for a while.

Dancing with the stars, how did Brandy go out, she was an excellent dancer (probably public fanbase). The final is on UK TV tonight so any americans out there (that appears on my stats) dont tell me the result.

Also to the Americans, I hope you enjoyed thanksgiving yesterday. Dallas nearly made it last night.

Yesterday I was at Each, had blood done, back in 2 weeks. Next read paper and waited for a talk from the physio Dept. It was good and I am enjoying the exercise.

I got home had some chicken (bit bits) with herbs on top. Next I checked the Cumnock RFC Website and saw Jim Morton's entry on rearranged 2nd XV league games. Grrr. It's on us and GHA Gazelles that got penalised for cancelling games, the rest got rescheduled. I hope it's warm by January/February, never mind its during 6 nations the new dates.

So that took me to about 7pm to resort a couple of websites and spreadsheet. Then I told the coaches.

I did an audioboo of Ian at Karaoke last night


So thats about it, Cumnock RFC is playing tomorrow (weather permitting) at midday, so today will be quiet (hopefully).