Sunday, 12 July 2009

This weekend

Well what an interesting weekend. Friday got paid and got some stuff paid. The 90 hours fortnights are showing a benefit.

After Cumnock Rugby Club thursday night, I tried to publish website from my computer. I couldn't. I still need to talk to Alex/Harry and a guy we need to speak to.

The players were to have a meeting after training. The guys had a discussion with who was there but another date will be set for them before 1st game.

Work. I am doing the rota for Treasures at the moment and after this week where I struggled with only me +1 member of staff from 4-5 Steve has gave me somebody else.

It's Leoni. She was working Essentials before. I have the rota how I want it now, everybody else seems happy as well. It also means we (Ann and Myra) can get lots of merchandising done. We got a new ice-cream freezer/counter on my day off.

I watched Torchwood ofcourse. I was a bit worried about Captain Jack Harkness just giving up but he sorted it in the end.

Saturday I worked 9-6, it was a very productive day.

Today we still did a lot but the end of the day I could only mop floor after we were closed. I finished at 7pm. I only got home at 8.30pm and used microwave for dinner. Yum.

There isnt a lot else I can say. Colin Mcardle tune last night was good.

I am also glad for twitter, especially Caldjr and SnedwanSnedwan website and his #asksnedwan twitter hashtag.

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