Saturday, 18 July 2009

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Well I notice its about 60 days since I blogged here, so thought I would do another one. I am still having trouble with old website, so haven't got that running yet. I do have a committee meeting at Cumnock Rugby Club on next Monday to see if I can get a webhost. I cant upload web pages directly from this pc. I continue to use and for the rugby club.

After going to see the Ghosties in ABC2 in Glasgow I decided because I can photos on my phone and publish them on a blog I needed another blog, not for rugby, just me.

So I created another blog called (yeah thomas blah, thought it covered me).

So there I post pics of weather, especially rain in Auchinleck. Thought I have on telly and radio and anything I am getting big into including the trouble in iran a few weeks ago. I have a few people who already know it. I also included a feed of my twitter feeds (I am supposedly 2nd in ayrshire as largest user). Linda knows how much tweeting can be easy (and I can do it when I am travelling as well).

David was up here a few weeks ago. It was good to see him.

Mum has been seeing Sally and the rest through in fife.

Work; well Rachel has been off sick for a couple of weeks. So I have Myra and Ann assisting me while I still supervise. Unfortunately for them they both don't get the same day off together. Thats just the way we all agree to keep it, especially considering this is the school holidays. Steve and the rest in Essentials do assist us as well.

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