Saturday, 11 July 2009

Are there castles ìn the sky

When I was going home tonight after working 9-6 I sent a text to westfm and the Dance Show with Colin (the mcman) Mcardle requesting Castles In the Sky as I was heading home to Auchinleck on the bus. It was around tarbolton I sent the text to the right number 61025 and by Mauchline he had said on the radio "I have a radio on my phone as well that my tune was next. yes. He started playing it just after I left Mauchline (where the picture is taken). It was a great tune to end a good day. I hope Colin is ok tomorrow. He finishes at 10pm tonight and is onair at 6am Sunday morning (live) I will be listening again when I head to work for 10am start.

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