Tuesday, 7 July 2009


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Well what have we all been upto. At work Rachel is off sick so after working for an hour last Thursday, Steve did some helping. Myra is dealing with soem of my duties when I am not there and when it comes to merchandising they are good so we are dealing with ordering ourselfves. I even had to do the rota for this week (and probably next week).

So on Thursday I am having a FULL day off. I have been getting up at 6am almost every day since going back from holiday about 10 days ago.

Rugby wise I finally have the web pages for the old cumnockrugby and I need to do some work on them. I aint fully flinging myself into that yet. The web design lessons from the winter are coming in handy.

TV wise I am glad to see Catriona Shearer get anchor role on BBC Reporting Scotland 630pm show.

Torchwood is great this week, watched it last night, ace and tonight wasn't much different, including John Barrowman naked.
I am keeping watching this all week.

I also watched Chuck tonight on Virgin 1+1 (2nd series) and quite enjoyed it.

Well keep saying hello to me on twitter and even comment on here. I do promise to reply.

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