Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Tuesday 1 September

Hello Guys and girls, how are we all.

Well lets start with Sunday. I went to Cumnock RFC mini/midi registration day. It went ok, got some memberships and was back home about 3pm, then I did the admin of doing the database and emailing that to various people. I got told David Kerr, our new Club Captain would email the Cumnock Chronicle himself and told his dad who is also a youth coach and senior player Euan. David sent me the report and I did posted it Monday morning. I went home and didn't have tea, bad idea. My admin had finished by about 5pm and I headed back down to the club to see Alex. I also had my videotape set for Moto GP on BBC3 at 7.45pm. Thanks go to Weeyin13 on twitter to making sure I got it to watch James Toseland.

I wanted to go to the pub, which wasn't going to be affected by anything. I know thats bad, but I did.

So I had a number of pints in Cumnock RFC, upto about 8pm. I got to ask about Saturdays game. I went a walk around woodroad, BAD IDEA. I wasn't sober then.

I walked to The Sun in Cumnock. I made a few videos of people singing (not including me being videod).

I just missed last bus to Auchinleck at 10.45pm and got a taxi. I came home, changed my blogs slightly with tags and went to bed.

I woke up Monday morning with a hangover. I went down to Tesco for a small bit of shopping. I then went home and watched MotoGP. There was a lot of falling over. The commentary said it was more than usual. It was exciting.

Now this was the first week I get to cover Jim's day off at work so I was starting work at 2pm to 10pm. The head office visit has been moved to Wednesday. Our server for credit cards went down which meant everybody had to pay cash. I had a few people not be happy about this, but I only apologised for server not working. The rest of it was ok. I stayed in Ayr last night, I wasn't finishing at midnight, going home and then getting up at 6am to start at 9am. Today wasn't bad until the RAIN fell at 4.50pm and was still raining when I finished today.

This evening I have had pictures to upload to Cumnockrugby blog and chatboard and flickr. I didn't know there is a 200 limit unless you have a pro account (it doesn't delete them). I also had s1 and under 15 fixtures to upload onto websites, so I am bit tired fae rugby. I also got emails which show the results of our division. It's not a rss feed though, so I cant embed it (as far as I know).

Finally I got to check weeyin13 blog. Looks really good for a start. Mrs Toseland (she wishes) will do well.

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