Sunday, 30 August 2009

Saturday 29th August

My bus driver this morning was an Ayr stagecoach supervisor, that was fun some of that journey.

Work, was a lot quieter thank god, Ann and me got lots done, good as I am on holiday tomorrow.

I had a notice to put out on Cumnock RFC going to Oban Lorne and there being a bus. I checked it was ok, it was. I posted it on the chatboard Found out we lost 10-14. A hell of a lot better than last season when they beat us roughly by 60 points.

Jen McGinley of westfm did cause me problem with asking me to smile in a picture. It didn't work. Illiswerryguy on twitter didn't like it and somebody else said it was bad as well. Nobody said anything so at 7pm, I changed to another picture.

Also a big hello to weeyin13 and mirantha who have openly joined the #ayrshiremaffia on twitter after Wednesdays ideas on improving our game. I wonder if lindalou343 will join, I am still to directly ask her.

Right earlier in the week Alex Dunsmuir had said the club could be busy Saturday night with a function and said I COULD be there around 7pm. I also said to barmaids if it got mad to phone me and I would come down. None of the normal barmaids were on. Ian McN was in main bar (quiet as hell) and Alex who was up before me this morning and Blair were busy in function hall bar. They did need me. Alex text me at 9.25pm, wondering if I was coming down, I headed down straight away. We were ok but the club made some money. I planned after last orders i might get away around 1.30am, it was 1.10 with Ian still there.

It was easier to blog this than try and twitter it on my trobertc account.

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