Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Hello everybody

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I hope everyone is good today. It was a fairly quiet day today. Our head office visitors did pass the shops but never came in. It was just before we opened.
On twitter NewMediaBrekkie and AngieT1972.

New Media Brekkie is part of podcastmatters, a group Tartanpodcast used to MD whose podcast I do listen to. I havent heard anything since he left them. I don't know if it is of interest to me. Look at this link and tell me what you guys think. It is a good blog.

AngieT1972 has a blogspot as well. As part of bellahomecouk getting the Ayrshiremaffia to raise our game, I am trying to find more bloggers out there and them following me on twitter, makes it real easy for me to follow them.

I also want to give illiswerryguy, caldjr, snedwan, sir and cdhinton for tweeting this morning.

You may also notice I use statcounter on the site. I get about 200 pageloads a week on thomasblah and even more on cumnockrugby. I aint giving figure out on that. I hope it helps weeyin13 blog, a fellow member of #ayrshiremaffia. Anybody else in Ayrshire going to join us.
While I am talking #hastags, when you see me use #fb on the end of my tweets, it's so that my selective twitter update on facebook activtes are used on facebook. They don't seem to like too many status updates over there. I use it most for rugby ofcourse.

Well it's nearly dinner time, so have a good evening. It was dry for most of today, but as usual when I got off my bus it was raining, typical.

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