Friday, 28 August 2009

What a day today.

Well what a few days, on Monday I thought I could have done my rota from tomorrow. I was wrong.
My A team are still in tact thank god.
Now after yesterdays news I have to do backshift (supervisor) in Essentials once a week along with trying to give holidays out, the idea is though it is suppose to be very quiet. It doesnt feel like that in the past two days. Tuesday was ok as I did the till on Tuesday night in Essentials and got last bus at 8.15pm. Next Monday I am 2pm - 10pm followed by 9am Tuesday morning, I think I am going to be tired. Oh yeah and a head office visit tuesday as well.

I digress, this morning me and ann worked till and didn't stop and could only put Cameron on till when it went quiet around 11.30am, I went for lunch at 1pm and tried to work on rota (I went back down 2pm).

I firstly had to see what day somebody wanted off, it's Monday, so I had me doing a 9am - 10pm shift apart from the problem of 4-5pm where there was no supervisor in essentials. It didn't work.
I got the staff sorted in Treasures and checked it was ok, it was, thankyou ANN. I could be busy Tuesday morning as well before I open. Then got the fixed days done. I tried to do it in Essentials but it was Ann helps we could sort it. It was doing my head in. Then went right I am off Thursday and that sorted it and I could finish the rota. I made the decision and it worked. End of the day was suppose to be quiet, but it wasn't. I have somebody working until 3pm and then only 2 of us and if we don't get cleaning done before closing time, I do cleaning after doors close (unpaid).

Good news, I have my dayshift for next Friday so Oneills in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. I am coming and my rockaoke tune has been tested and works.

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