Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Hello its Tuesday 25th August 11.30pm

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Hello everyone out there, what a couple of days. One of the supermarket staff was sacked and that has made work interesting again. I had claire go up to essentials last night and it was ann and me with cameron coming down later. Mr and ann had a busy morning. Steve even shouted to talk to us and got I am on a till and so is Ann.

We got most of the stuff done. I hoovered the carpet this morning as this was the first time since June we opened at 10am. Cameron was down with me at 9am and got a bit done. Steve then just before 11am said for me to go away and come back at 2pm. We had another trainee with Ann, Myra and Cameron, so lots of staff for most of the day.

I decided to head into Ayr with my zone 3 megarider (unlimited journeys)ticket. I went to KFC at heathfield and had a big Daddy meal. I was actually full after this. I had better say hello to weeyin13 on twitter who I tweet on the bus round Ayr. I went to Asda and headed back to the centre of ayr. I got back to work at 2pm and did a few things. A member of staff came to buy things at 8.01pm and we just waved. I had a bus to catch at 8.15pm from reception. No chance.

I came home and I watched Chuck on Virgin 1 (in 3d). I am now tired and heading to bed.

I also have created a plan for next Friday. Rockaoke is on in Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow in Oneills. I havent seen Kirsty Crawford in ages even though Kirsty doesn't do the singing. I have looked at the website and the songlist and there is some songs there I do at karaoke. I have a plan.

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