Tuesday, 15 December 2009


Well I am having a fairly quiet couple of days. Last night I really enjoyed The Gadget Show on five. I thought the Iphone would win.

Then I went and watched Dave with Live at the Apollo and Mock the Week and had a good laugh. I then moved over to Graham Norton Show on BBC1 and Robert Downey Jr and Ed Byrne were great on it. The new Sherlock Holmes movie looks good. Maybe I need to read a proper book for some background.

Then got some sleep and I watched the Wright stuff on Channel 5 this morning. Austin Healy was talking a lot of sense when it came to the BA staff. I am dis positioned not to agree with ex england rugby players ofcourse, but Austin made sense. Its also bin day so I have done that as well.

I also see Emma Bunten is replacing Ruthie Henshaw as judge on dancing on ice. Ruthie is doing Chicago. Emma doesn't skate but is judging the dancing.

Oh yeah and Rage against the machine is ahead of #xfactor (good).

Now its getting towards lunch time and I am getting hungry.

See you all around.