Friday, 18 December 2009

Follow Friday 18 December

Well after a well deserved lie in due the amount of beer I drank last night on my birthday I think I had better do my Follow Friday.

I dont think I am going to do this on Christmas Day and New Years Day. So if I don't talk to you have a good festive period.

DJMissfrenchie (great photos)
tezzer57 always running around
_alexham local Ayrshire man, really busy
tweetybear67 she is just ace.
ms_cornwall great taste in music (dont know if she likes RATM though) and great lass.
dezbee2008 good man, been liking backstory with him this week.
Slashasterisk, great capper of us tv on tvnewscaps and lover of m&ms. He has had snow.
Braescotland great woman.
tookiebunten new dad, good luck!
lliswerryguy great youtube video provider for all #followfriday users and great laugh.
joreynolds55 jo is just great.
weeyin13 ah jen, new profile pic for her. very nice. She is still very busy and using flickr. great ayrshire lass.
rbmartin ah bicbasher fellow fan of all things wendy hurrell and Laura Tobin on tscelebs and steveregionalcaps
SophieLouiseJ nice lass.
zuzufalta suzy, lover of all things CNNI especially backstory
Josh_biggs busy man, likes an early morning workout and going to see Avatar. A MUST SEE MOVIE.
EvilNanny very nice lass (not evil).
alexander_jones absoluteradio fan and getting to uni shortly
caldjr Dan is always busy. Have a good time.
dj_atomik blipper, great taste
abacab1975 Edinburgh RUGBY FAN (finally) (Remember my main interest is rugby).
AllyAyr havent heard from him in a while.
Faulko1 good dj, listen to him online sometimes.
Shadwell1970 Jason, busy man, he likes his WELSH rugby and sport.
birssy busy woman. Hope she has a good xmas
AExAVF Aldrin, good man.

Also a big thank you to all of you on twitter, facebook, tvnewscaps who wished me a happy birthday yesterday. You dont know how much I enjoyed the messages.