Monday, 27 July 2015

Some USA Scottish News and weather, plus me stuff.

Afternoon all (well it is here). The Wedding Reception was great on Friday, even if I slept most of Saturday morning. This morning Cumnock RFC Summer Mini Camp started. There was quite a number there I am glad to say. Next Sunday I start a UKCC Level 2 course for rugby, did the online exams yesterday before the season start some of during Hungarian GP. Before I went to sleep we got preview of new Asia studio looking a bit like London with Rico This morning I also got some KY3 and kgun9 caps on live and periscope. This is Maria on KY3. This is April, Greg and Liz on Kgun9 From all the periscoping newscasters, these ones actually interact and I do recommend. Now back to Scotland and onto BBC Reporting Scotland Weather Anne Lundon, even if the weather is bad (the kids will be getting muddy at rugby camp this week at this rate) Anne was looking great. Over on STV News we had Kelly Ann Woodland anchoring lunchtime news. Just to make sure we have both sides of the weather I got some Sean Batty on STV Weather as well. That's all the caps for today, I also see in August STV Glasgow and Edinburgh are combining for Edinburgh Festival. Bye.