Thursday, 25 June 2015

Want some @kgun9, STV News and BBC Reporting Scotland from Wednesday 24 June

Well lunch was very good yesterday. No photos though. I got home and watched some Kgun9 in Arizona. Here are some caps of April, Greg, Liz, Big Al and Megan (whose birthday it was). Next up STV News, starting with Kelly Ann Woodland in Glasgow Next up Laura Miller in Edinburgh Next some Nicola McAlley talking about Calmac strike To finish STV News some Jennifer Harrild Now let's move over to BBC Reporting Scotland, starting with Catriona Renton talking about Calmac strike. Next up talking about funeral costs, Julie Peacock Next up we see Brian Taylor receiving a honorary doctorate from Dundee University To finish Reporting Scotland its Judith Ralston So if I didn't someone in Scotland, that was nearly everyone.