Wednesday, 24 June 2015

My home broadband was down.

On Thursday afternoon after waiting for a drink delivery arrived late my broadband was down at home. Friday morning when I went back down to club I put fault in online. Got a text later it could be Wednesday 5.00pm for it to be fixed, aaarrrgghhh. Saturday I was up in Glasgow for a couple of parties and stayed overnight. Got back Sunday afternoon, still no broadband. Monday I got bored. Tuesday after going down to club to put some fixtures for next season and promote Treasure Hunt on Website. Got home at around 5.00pm and open reach were there. Fault got fixed so I had broadband. So it was time to get blogging again. Right who knew St Mirrens previous mascot, I didn't. I do now it's Kingsley and Kingsley has been on Scotland Tonight, Riverside Show to name STV programmes. These include John Mackay, David Farrell, Laura Boyd and Kayleigh McLeod. Now prior to Riverside Show I saw Kelly Ann Woodland was doing 6.00pm News. Kelly does early morning news. I have looked this morning and Kelly Ann is there and is back on 6.00pm tonight. I hope Kelly Ann is ok. I took some caps on last night. Last image was this morning. Today I am going to Tarbolton for lunch, bye for now.