Sunday, 19 July 2015

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Last night I went to Cumnock Bowling Green for Hillside School fundraiser. A long while ago my mum, Isabella volunteered in pool at Hillside and Kaye asked me to got to it. I didn't win in raffle and got to a couple of auctions. 1st 2 tickets to Celtic in SPL, didn't bid on it. Next up was a Kilmarnock FC signed top as Buller had got it. Remember I am a rugby supporter. I look in wallet and they start bidding at £20.00 and I call £40.00 thinking someone might bid above. Nobody did. I handed Alex the £40.00 with jacket in hand and do something. I can't use a Killie top. I tell Alex to give it to his next event, Hillside get £40 from me for a top and another charity event gets to make money on the top. I phoned my mum at 10.35pm and tell her what I did. None of the folk there would probably know me and what my mum did there. I headed to Sun, TC's after that. The link won't post so check my twitter feed Thomasc1973 Now to some caps with Daniela Riorto on BBC World News Next up some Reporting Scotland with Judith Ralston Next up Georgina Burnett on Look East Last on today, Nina Ridge doing national weather It's time for Davis Cup tennis now, so see you about.