Thursday, 23 July 2015

It's a varied blog on telly today.

Sorry I haven't blogged much this week. Let's start with Gillian Smart on Reporting Scotland. That was from Monday. Sometimes I have committee meetings that night so I don't get to watch LJ rich, but no meeting this week so enjoyed #ljtunes From the Monday night as well Sara Thornton on BBC London Weather Next up we have Fi Miller on STV Edinburgh what's on guide on fountainbridge show. Now going back to BBC London Tuesday night we had Louisa Preston This morning on World Business Report Caroline Hepker Last up its a year since Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games opening Ceremony. I didn't go to that. I was at rugby 7s on Saturday and Sunday at Ibrox and Tuesday at Hampden for Athletics plus a trip to BBC at the Quay that day. Biggest memory connected to it is Queens Baton Relay through Cumnock. Hadn't seen broomfield that busy (we were on burgers). Lucy Whyte on STV News saw some volunteers from last year