Saturday, 23 May 2015

So last blog was Thursday, some Laura Tobin, STV Glasgow V Edinburgh and BBC Reporting Scotland

So did a blog Thursday. We had training that night where details of games was going through head and all the text messages to players parents, stuff to do. Friday I was to be at Coalfield Buses 9.00am and Friday I woke up 7.10am and excited about day. So I did some Laura Tobin caps. So went to Coalfield and rugby club & saw Ian and went home. I knew on Thursday night STV Glasgow were against STV Edinburgh in a rowing contest so got some caps of Jennifer and David from Glasgow and Hayley and Ewen from Edinburgh. So STV Edinburgh won, as I said on twitter (as my rugby brain was on) "don't worry you will get revenge, just remember who was higher in pro12, warriors" While I was on Riversideshow I got some Rachael Fulton Now I head to club for 3.30pm to get stuff ready for Scotstoun and Cumnock s1 v Jordanhill Schools s1 before Glasgow Warriors v Ulster. We get to Scotstoun on time and get to pitch after heading back to reception to get tickets. The match report will be on Cumnock website this afternoon but our s1 won 29-3. While we were playing Jane Lewis interviewed Mark Bennett live on Reporting Scotland, so here are some Jane caps. While I was watching Reporting Scotland this morning I saw Gillian Smart as well. So after our game at Scotstoun we went to our seats. It was a tense game but Glasgow did it 16-14 and so Glasgow are in pro12 final. I got back to Cumnock about 11.00pm. Glad I had a lie in. It's whatever I want to do today as tomorrow Cumnock p7s at Strathaven and I am probably up 7.00am. Enjoy.