Wednesday, 20 May 2015

It's a busy week with @bbcscotweather @stvkellyann @ymorgang @alicebhand @wendyhurrell @aprilmadisonWX and @cumnockrfc

Afternoon guys and girls, hope you are all well. Sunday rugby was from 9.15am to 5.00pm with s2 winning tournament but all teams doing well. Tuesday was senior awards and voting slips. Also on Friday Glasgow Warriors face Ulster in pro12 semi final. Cumnock s1 are playing at 6.15pm at Scotstoun, so I've been helping Rab and others with it. I have a ticket already. So onto caps. On Monday we had Gillian Smart on Reporting Scotland Next up we have on STV News Kelly Ann Woodland Next up on STV Glasgow News Yasmin Morgan-Griffiths Next up move to BBC London News on Tuesday with Alice Bhandhukravi and Wendy Hurrell Now not surprisingly I am still using periscope, even doing videos on club stuff. Here is yesterday's video. So happy birthday to Greg on kgun9 and here is some caps from Monday and today. April doing weather had trouble with dry throat, that's why I had done more. Liz (queen of periscope as a lot of people are saying) gave April some coffee. So enjoy the video to see how busy as no idea if I have enough time tomorrow. It's a busy week. Bye for now.