Wednesday, 11 March 2015

My 2nd blog today on telly, beards and telly stuff.

Well after Fozzy last night (the first blog) I am now catching up on telly. Let's start with Kelly Ann Woodland and Sean Batty on STV News Next over to BBC Reporting Scotland bulletin and Judith Ralston doing weather Next up some Annita McVeigh talking about Top Gear. Jeremy Clarkson was on his last warning and may have hit a producer. If he worked anywhere else it wouldn't be a highlight he is suspended, I've seen it before. I actually think BBC are right to suspend him, so they can investigate it, even as I am a topgear fan. Next back upto Scotland and STV Glasgow and Rachael Fulton what's on guide. Now across to STV Edinburgh and Ewen Cameron and Hayley Matthews. There was a debate on beard or no beard and this is my favourite one today. Here is rest of caps including BT Murrayfield (where my club Cumnock RFC is on 18th April in BT Bowl Final)