Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Scotland Tonight and social media with female politicians

I better put my position on this. I don't like Internet trolls as it has affected friends of mine. I am saying trolling of anybody should not be happening. These are real people and can be hurt or those around them, just watch the debate on Scotland Tonight, it is a well thought out debate. 

I also realise even when I have tweeted into Scotland Tonight debates, other twitter users have came back to me about what I tweeted. A vote in an election is private so don't come back disagreeing when I haven't even told you who I support. I don't show which party I support online. That's why my blog wasn't updated on run-up to #indyref. 

I have several twitter friends who support SNP, A nearby Labour MP Cathy Jamieson is Labour, I follow both (yes Cathy likes Talbot). 

Please remember I am the webmaster of Cumnock Rugby Club, it's a main committee position and I have been that was nearly 7 years so if I start slagging people off it will show badly on an organisation I represent and love. What I say online will be referenced with the rugby club even if I didn't want it to.

Now for the rest of my blog, I won't be showing women on this blog entry, just men.

I start with John MacKay in his grey suit.

Next up Craig McGill

Matt Roper

So if you are in the UK watch the debate. Bye for now.