Tuesday, 17 February 2015

It's Jane Lewis and Kirsteen Macdonald on Reporting Scotland (and my weekend).

Well I was checking after committee meeting my usual programmes and saw Jane Lewis and Kirsteen Macdonald in dresses I haven't seen them wear before. Let's start with Jane Lewis

Next up Kirsteen Macdonald doing weather.

So that's the national sport and weather. I had a busy Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Stuff in club Friday including helping 2nd team with game next day and Cumnock Community Council photo. Saturday we were away to Birkmyre for 1st team. It was a bit close as only won 8-7. Sunday I was up at Hamilton and I helped p6 team mostly. After that I watched Scotland game at Cumnock.

After I thought Mark scored and Scotland just losing I was talking and decided to go back to Cardiff, no not on megabus. The price of hotel room is good, so I booked one. Bye from me.