Monday, 27 October 2014

blogtober day 27

Well unfortunately for the telly viewers, no capping because I am staying in home today and ipad aint here. I suppose I could talk about telly that isnt news I am watching. Lets start with Friday night and Forever Its kinda different to Highlander and the story thankfully is less about Henry dying. I quite enjoy it. Next up Doctor Who As you can see from trailer for next episode were near the end of series. I still prefer David Tennants Doctor. I dont quite get Peter Capaldi. Ok Homeland next, Carrie is back and Saul and Quinn arent as central as before. Its still a great programme. Now back to the old favourites first Hawaii 5-0 is as great as ever, still enjoying it. Last one for now NCIS: Los Angeles The whole team are back and it is as busy as ever. So thats roughly what I have watched today. See you tomorrow.