Sunday, 12 January 2014

Now it's Sunday 12th January

Well I typed that last blog about midnight Friday.

Saturday I got up at 8am and had shower and stuff. The pavements were a bit icy when I went and bought some new boots

I bought a hat as well. Kevan Aitken had gave me a voucher at my birthday so it got used. Boots were great. At about 10am I discovered u18 game was off but 1sts and 2nds were both on.

So Everyone was just about on time apart from Tober being last as he was getting sweddy. I got a lift to lanark from Donald Hunter and left 1115am. We got there about an hour later. We had about 20 in team and I hoped we were going to have good victory. I passed Paul Miller my phone so he could update club twitter. Jungle got injured very quickly so Andy McCrorie was on quickly. Donald Hunter got injured finger so he was out. It wasn't going to be a good day. Also Lanark pitch directly faced sun. I've never had sun in that position before. We were 3-0 up at half time. Lanark scored one penalty and somehow the boys couldn't score. It ended 3 each. It wasn't my favourite match as I disagreed with Tober quite strongly (understatement) on 1 point. After the game I decided I wanted a good night. Told Rab what had happened and got today (Sunday) to not go to training. Me and Tober are ok now. Last night after starting in rugby club I went to Sun inn, royal hotel, craighead, dagmar and pizza for supper. Let's just say I needed that lie in.

The 2nd team were down 22-0 at half time but won 2nd half 7-6 so well done to 2nd team on battling at Marr 3rds. That was a positive yesterday. There is 1 thing I said yesterday about our senior 1sts "you can presume nothing" I presumed like others cumnock would win, it didn't happen. Sometimes you can presume something, but usually your wrong.

Thank you for reading and see you about.