Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Three favourites on Reporting Scotland @catrionashearer @BBCcatrionaR & RhonaMcLeod

Hello, sorry its taken a while to be able to do this blog, the work started Friday night. On Saturday I was at club in morning, so couldn't do it then. Cumnock played Isle of Arran and won 57-7, then boys were in club drinking. Sunday I was at club about midday while under 18 played in hail, rain, wind. I am glad I was inside. Yesterday I had committee meeting and usual stuff in morning. I also had appointment for eye test. As the headline says this is a BBC Reporting Scotland blog with 3 favourites on it. I always enjoy their twitter feeds, even when it's not a great time. So lets start with Catriona Shearer on Friday night. Next we have Catriona Renton, even with Catriona reporting on telly at courtrooms and all the other places she is normal about all the other stuff that can crop up. From never meeting her a nice lassy. Here is Catriona from Monday evening in the studio. As to the new drink drive laws I know my friends are changing their habits to make sure they don't fall for the new limit. To finish I have Rhona McLeod who I just like, even if I think this is nearest to schoolgirl outfit she will wear. Now off to get new glasses, see you around.