Friday, 5 December 2014

Its a colourful blog with Helen Willets & @stvGlasgow #riversideshow

Hello, firstly thanks to everyone that read the Schofe blog, over 50 with Lucy Verasamy. Now Tuesday I started Christmas shopping at Asda and Amazon for DVD's, Wednesday for Boots. Thats me finished my xmas shopping (bar the delivery came this morning) in 24 hours, thats my style of man shopping. After lunchtime I did some caps. Tonight I have a sportsman dinner with Joe Cammy speaking, tomorrow its Cumnock vs Arran 1sts and Clydebank 2nds. Sunday its Cumnock U18 vs Whitecraigs and Monday youth committee meeting. So here are some bit more colourful caps. I start with Helen Willetts at 11.58 Next up moving to Riverside Show, firstly with Storm Huntley with weather today and #riversideshow on Monday. To finish I have Jennifer Reoch Ofcourse well done to David Farrell looking good as usual (just not colourful). See you after the weekend.