Monday, 4 February 2013

Well its been a while since I blogged

Well I havent really been blogging much have I, I am still busy with twitter and club stuff. Most of the club things recently have affected by too much rain or freezing, so not a lot of games. Some of my other stuff in club has been keeping me busy, trying to tell folk about iphone apps for pitchero
I also decided recently to stop giving TC's stuff for facebook for various reasons. I am also glad I aint going to any of the 6 nations games. After the autumn internationals and the performances there I didn't like Scotlands chances. After watching England beat Scotland on Saturday and Italy beat France on Sunday I definately don't like our chances. Back in January I was up at a Warriors game 4th January where Glasgow played well and so did the Cumnock p6/7 at half time. On the telly front, still enjoy my usual programmes, NCIS LA, NCIS, Hawaii 5-0, Top Gear, lots of news. Those programmes came in very handy last week with a round in royal about adverts, which I got nearly all the answers in, on Wednesday night quiz a lot was on 2012 and even though Labrinth and Emilie Sandie I got wrong, we still won the quiz. On Friday there I went and saw Les Miserables and it was great. I admit it, I cried at times but it was epic from start to finish. Then I had an idea in the Sun Friday night, I was going to old skool at Town Hall on Saturday and after halloween I said if I
got 10 likes/retweets I would wear it, it got more than 10. Now I went upto Sun and wore the tutu and leg warmers in there and went upto Town Hall, Shaun somehow thought I was joking and I quickly got changed into normal gear and put it in my coat. After some great tunes on Saturday night I went down to TC's and got asked to put it on, I had a better idea, and bought them drink and they wore it and posed for this photo
I think it looks better on them. I know I aint smiling in the photo, but I was at least in my head. So here is hoping I remember to do this more and see you all about. I have a youth committee meeting tonight and Wednesday head for Ayr, I hope I dont get hail going down.