Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Some telly caps and I am 40 years old in 3 weeks plus @kasiaMadera

Well most people would say its a month to Christmas. I have something a lot more important to say, I am 40 years old in 3 weeks (today). Even with the schedule I have it is still there. The people invited to my party (not on my birthday) are getting back to me and telling me if they are coming or not as the case may be. Trouble is a rugby game is that day and some folk arent going. I am still to decide what I am doing now. This Friday is a sportsman dinner I am going to. Following week is twitayr Xmas night out. We have sponsor days in club. The meditation group has finished on Tuesdays now so I am back with my usual team (at a good time). We havent won it for a while now. It is very fresh in my mind. That was me singing "Bonkers" and people actually dancing. Thanks to Alex for the photo. Now the telly stuff. Yes I have a number of scottish things on here, but I wont be repeating the news today. I start with last nights Reporting Scotland (I am stuck on BBC the now) and Rhona Mcleod Now incase your wondering it is not the same red dress I capped before Thats the before and after. Next we move to weather and Gillian Smart Now I am going to move to today BBC World News and Geeta Guru-Murthy Bye for now. I saw BBC World News was talking about Scotland today, so I decided to do some Kasia Madera capping, enjoy