Monday, 11 November 2013

My weekend with @scotlandteam and #wweglasgow

Well thats the big weekend over. Started Saturday with going to Murrayfield to see Scotland V Japan. The seat I had in East stand had sun in it. Scotland eventually did well, even if I thought one of Japan's tries has forward passed (but its that momentum thing again). Going to Edinburgh I discovered Citylink were diverting buses near Murrayfield going back to Glasgow, so I quickly got train back to Glasgow. I was back in Cumnock RFC 8pm. I hadn't had a drink in Edinburgh so could enjoy myself when I got back. Next Morning Cumnock minis were arranged to play to goto Whitecraigs, but frost beat the ground and it got cancelled. Got all the parents text it was off and also arrange for match reports of any games to go to Chronicle directly, because I wasn't going to be about Monday morning to send them. Also had stuff to do with Coalfield Bus, but got Rab to deal with that. I watched some of the s1/2 game and left from Cumnock just after 1pm. I was staying in Ibis Hotel, across the street from Pitt Street Police Station in Glasgow. Key worked fine and it was a good plain room with good facilities. I had only paid £30 to Expedia, which was cheaper than £53 they advertised if you booked that day. I headed out to Braehead around five and got in quee at 5.40, just perfect. We got in at 6.30pm into venue. Went the usual long way to seat. This time they had screens and I was sat behind them. I took some photos and enjoyed it. They even sold beer this time so I enjoyed one as well. I enjoyed the show and got back to Glasgow about 11.30 and had a good night sleep until 8.30 this morning. I went out and got breakfast and then checked out my room. I got back home around midday. Now here is to a quiet week.