Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My other stuff on Tuesday 25th June

Right went and saw World War Z, very good. Lots of action but actually a story as well. I dont know why I am seeing continual adcvertising of the internship, I wont be going to see it. Last week I saw Man of Steel, which was ok but it repeated itself a lot. I wouldn't recomend that one, but I would World War Z. If I am talking about movies I had better mention I have been watching Madagascar 3, europes most wanted on sky+. Can you see why I don't go to cinema to see this. Ok, last week I also went for dinner with Frank, down at home. Here is the review I wrote on tripadvisor My friend decided to go to a restaurant very close to his home and we got here about 1pm. When I came towards door I saw tripadvisor sign on window and thought good. You dont actually see that everywhere. Went in, got normal juice. I ordered soup and chicken with bacon and haggis in it with chips. The Turnip soup was perfect temperature, it wasn't a microwave job. It was good quality but there wasn't a lot of bite with it. Enjoyed it. My friend had special for starter. Next was main course. Tasted very nice again, flavours a lot better this time. In conversation I thought about 3 chefs for restaurant. Friend told me I was right, there was 1 waitress but not a lot of people in restaurant. I couldn't see a bar. We had finished meal and were just chatting but I kept seeing waitress checking if we were disapearing. This put me off. I had read maddens_13 review slightly and can agree. It was friends turn but I think it would be about £30. It is a shame there isn't a lot of businesses down in Kirkmichael, it could be a great restaurant if the owners tweak a few things (and it isnt the food). Previously in May we also went to Balgarth Pines, on Dunure Road. I enjoyed food, service was good as well. I had tried before to get in, so it can be busy, but it was a good meal. It was between 20-30 for 2 of us. Good. (It was a quick review). The lions did a very good job this morning, a good win and my favourite bit was the defence which kept rebels to nil. Tonight I have Royal Quiz at 9pm. Some of our team are on holiday, so its going to be a bit harder. Tomorrow is rugby club quiz. Today was my day off from rugby club things. I hope to see you all again.