Friday, 25 May 2012

story on @tommybowe14 and Men In Black 3

Hello, well Tommy Bowe came yesterday and I was down quiet early. The team with Tommy wanted a photo with School of Rugby, which they got and somebody after the Q&A said I should get a photo. Tober took the photograph of me and Tommy on my phone after a quick lesson.
As I said in Instagram it was Tommy (me) and Tommybowe After that we were back at the club and I left club after 8pm. Unfortunately some of the senior players came down at 6pm, just after Tommy left. Today I collected my Kilt and gear for tomorrow (it was heavy) and I have been and seen Men In Black 3 at Kilmarnock. Will Smith in interviews was right about the end, I was surprised. Tonight is AGM for Micro/Mini/Midi so I am heading there soon. Hope you like this short blog. Bye for now.