Tuesday, 22 May 2012

You know that last blog, well @tommybowe14 beat it

Hello guys, you remember you read a blog from me yesterday about this week in rugby, well on Monday that got overtaken completly. Cumnock RFC Article. On the Monday night at committee meeting we discussed Tommy Bowe coming to Cumnock Rugby Club coming THIS THURSDAY. So lets say after the meeting that night I drafted an email for distribution this morning and article for this event. I did facebook "Coming This Thursday to @cumnockrfc, @tommybowe14. I got texts, DM's, facebook messages from that much. After going to bed around midnight I got up this morning and just around 9am I got my final version which is on this link from Tober. This morning after that I did the usual twitter, facebook, email, intergrated message system on pitchero and printed some posters. After that I put my posters up for a small while today (and enjoying sunshine). So lets just say, I AM EXCITED ABOUT THURSDAY! So apologies to anybody else wanting the usual stuff I do on the internet, Martin, Michael and John, I am having far too much fun at the moment.