Saturday, 31 March 2012

Saturday afternoon and I am at home

Hello guys and girls. I know I hadn't been blogging much but here is a second one in the week. I did a youtube video on Tuesday I hope you all like it or other various things. I also hope Stuart has watched all the WWE by now, so I aint spoiling his viewing. Through Tuesday was fairly quiet apart from shopping. I went to quiz at Royal and as part of the plamphs I won play your cards right. It was £28 (between 7 of us) so basically I had a pint from the win. Also this week spotify got another app added from "Now" I have been making lots of playlists from 90s and 2000/2001. I wont say they are all good tunes, but its the ones I was listening to at the time. Wednesday was very quiet because of no training at night, it was moved to Thursday. I had also noticed that Wet Wet Wet are doing a concert at Glasgow Green. I have a ticket booked for it so I will enjoy that in June. Thursday itself was quiet because Matthew Clark are coming earlier just about every week (I am happy about that). Went down to training later and it went well. We were all impressed we got a whole page of rugby in Cumnock Chronicle including the Micros (so the work on that worked). Also discovered I needed to pay Ayr a visit on Friday because I needed something. I went in the afternoon and got job done, then went to see Hunger Games. I hadn't seen the trailer or read the book (which is heavily advertised in Waterstones and other book shops). I really enjoyed this film. There was no mistakes, nothing goery, as wierd as that sounds. It was a good film. After that I got my usual 5pm bus home but went to club first. We had been waiting for tickets for Ladies Day and finally we had them in the bar, even though we have had to change from black and red and gold to black red and pink. After that I went home and watched Glasgow Warriors on BBC 2 Redzone, even though I never heard me. It was a good win for Glasgow. I hope the guys keep it up. The other thing I did was sort out slides for TC's in Cumnock. So we get to today, I watched Motherwell vs Rangers and I was worried Rangers might not do it, but Rangers did. So that's me.