Sunday, 25 March 2012

Rugby and stuff

How are we getting on out there. I know I havent done this for a while. I will go in reverse to what has been happening. Today (when the clocks changed) I got up after just over 7 hours sleep so I could get ready with plenty of time this morning. We had mini games, micros training s1 festival at Cumnock. The girls were going to Murrayfield to play in back pitches. The other boys teams were away as well, so it was going to be a busy day. I thought I was going to be mostly stuck in club most of the day but we got a member of staff to cover most of that. This leaves probably 1 problem especially tomorrow. I didnt have sun tan lotion on and I was outside for 5 hours in a polo shirt. I can see my arms are redder than most of my body. I might be saying ouch a few times (its happened before). Saturday we had both senior teams play. The 1st XV played well even though we didn't win, I only wish we could play that well against all the teams in our division. Being around the club for nearly 20 years means I have seen the ups and downs and we always survive. That will continue. All I can do is what I currently do and let others deal with what they can. I can try my best to help, but in the end it's not upto the committee or its members for everything in the club. If people think being on committee gives you a title, your wrong. It should mean you want to do your best, even if you don't like it. At the moment I have 1 match report from the weekend and I am waiting for a load more. The last rugby point I will probably make is thank you to Harry Reilly who came down late on and covered rugby yesterday and helped loads today as well. Right, change subject, lets try some television. NCIS:LA is ok the now. I didn't like the deputy director coming over, but it's expectable. NCIS Season 9 is being good. The Voice UK. I did like the concept and so far I am liking it. I dont watch BGT and most people know what I think generally about X Factor UK. It is nearly time for Wrestlemania and most of it has been predictable as normal. I also think Cleverdicks on Sky Atlantic is a very smart programme. I am watching Sky Sports F1 station. It isnt actually that bad and its easy to record which helps in asia. The wierd bit people might not like my viewing is The Love Machine and Dont stop me now. I dont like stacy soloman but some of that program is funny. Dont Stop Me Now is either good or violent, perfect.
As normal I have been watching my usual large amount of regional News and Weather, even if I didn't contribute that much lately. I tend to when I am busy with rugby stuff I dont do telly as much. Sarah Cruickshank (in the picture) sent me some gaelic on twitter and I can't get a translation of "Yep fliuch for you and tioram for us!" in English, but its weather related. I am also being kept busy with other stuff happening around here, but its good, so I can survive it. Well its time to disapear off this as I have a email for another report for rugby. See you all around.