Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rugby and the weekend

Well after not having my computer all day, I decided to do a blog at this time of night. Saturday I was away upto Hamilton for rugby. Hamilton won 24 - 19, but we had lots of good performances during the game. Here are some videos taken on my phone, I need to show zoom to that particular person So we came back to Cumnock, I headed home for dinner and a bath and went back down to club. Here is a photo from Saturday night from Bonus Ball.
Saturday was busy up the street as well with Vendetta on. Didnt do much over there though. I also recorded Sportscene and yes the Auchinleck Talbot goal WAS ONSIDE, the assistant referee was wrong! Sunday I had 2 rugby things, but it wasnt a bad day. I now have in the past few weeks a couple of new tunes. No Regrets by Dappy. It was a surprise I wanted the Robbie Williams version, but suddenly got dappy, that was a very quick read. On Sunday I added Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO but I really need a good female singer to do the lady parts of the song. I just let the background run, I really need help for that one. So today I got up a discovered that my broadband wouldn't work. I checked my phone, the line was dead. I used my mobile and phoned talktalk automated fault line and phoned the council incase they paid me a visit because of no signal. I wasn't the only one in Auchinleck with this problem. I went to co-op later and they had no phone lines. Also with no wifi at home it meant not a lot was working. There was an auto divert for phonecalls to my mobile, but facebook, twitter, cumnock rfc website, email I couldn't use. Lets just say I have caught up on a lot of television today, I did like Wendy Hurrell documentary on a dry December on BBC1 London on Inside Out. I also got through NCIS LA, Hawaii 5-0 and 1st Sherlock and STV Rugby. Good luck to all the injured players. Last live programme I watched tonight was Scotland Tonight with John Mackay, he had a very challenging interview with 4 politicians, all at once. I felt sorry for John there. Tuesday will be the normal Tuesday with going to Cumnock after watching WWE Raw. You all have a good week.