Sunday, 11 September 2011

Hello guys, no blogs from me on ages and now I do two in one day.

John McBlain who is the best DJ I know and I listen to in TC's Cumnock is a Director of Project Bandcamp has set up a wordpress site and hopefully Alex Hamilton is helping him. Alex has a wordpress of his own (pretty please Alex). Unfortunately this is blogger and I haven't used wordpress.

So John asked me what I thought. I gave him it straight (thats all I am going to say) but I want to see if anybody who visits my page has thought about the wordpress site

I have left only 3 links on my favourite blogs and Project Bandcamp is one of them. I am sorry to those I did list, I will reinstate that soon. The other link gives me my most traffic so I aint removing that. So give them some feedback.

Monday Morning Queen by projectbandcamp

That is the tune.

This is his twitter link

This is the facebook link

Thank you all.