Sunday, 11 September 2011


Hello guys, its been quite a while since I did this, so while I have Ireland and USA on in background I thought I better do a blog and yes I will talk rugby.

A couple of weeks ago the rugby club got painted. Unfortunately I was there Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday most of the day, Thursday until 7.15pm (which was followed by leaving rugby and getting dinner). The Coach Stevie phoned me at 8pm asking me if I was coming back down. I said NO.

That Friday (2nd) I got up early to put gas on my meter downstairs. It came up faulty. Scottish Power line wasn't open until about 8am so I phoned after that and they said it would be four hours, I said well why do I come back at 12, then it would be 12-4 so I said I would take the morning. An engineer came at 2.05 and put in a new meter. Phoned up scottish Power to get new card and to put the money on from old card. That all went well and I got the card the next day. That was quick. I went down to the club after that and the guys basically finished the painting (somebody else had opened for them). I caught up on some telly that morning.

Now the week before the rugby lost to Jordanhill P and Jim Morrison got us a bus to go to Loch Lomond. He gave a great rousing speech at half time but we were already 4 tries down. it made for a better performance by far. We (tober) has got some of the older players playing with 1st XV and it is changing the way we are playing, I think for the good. Well we got back around 8pm and we all had fun that night in club and Cumnock.

Next day (Sunday) we had midi rugby so I was down at club 11.30am. I had only got up 10.30am so that was good timing. The S1/2 won at home, the minis won away as well, it was a good day. I got home around 6pm and because David Kerr wasn't at Loch lomond game I had a match report to write. You probably guess I am not a journalist. I hadnt even took notes during the game. I did the best report I could with the score and got a couple of people to check it. It was fairly fine. So then I just had to get the other reports.

Monday I had a mini midi meeting to quite late until I got out lift after 10pm for fire brigade back at Auchinleck Community Centre. I wonder where we will be voting next year in east ayrshire elections, because it wont be there.

Tuesday night was heavy rain so the boys did really well with their runs, Wednesday was heavy rain again and I got mud on my jacket and jeans soaked and washed them when I got home. Thursday was usual day. I got tracksuit bottoms for rugby and old jacket and it didn't even rain, typical. My boots are always at training though.

Friday was quite (my dayoff rugby). I watched NZ game. I really dont like the amount of adverts that ITV are using. I was up for Scotland vs Romania (bad idea). I got up around 8.30am, got milk, gas, electric and watched England game. Cumnock was playing at 3pm. We also had family fun night in club last night, it was good. I eventually got to use spotify for tunes after Stuart Hunter had finished his stuff. I finished with Dr Jon is Tc's and had a great supper last night.

So you can see why I haven't been blogging.