Monday, 14 March 2011

hello - its update time

How are we all out there, I know I havent kept you upto date lately, so here goes. I finished the physio class a week and a bit ago. It was good and has improved my flexibility and Dancing a little. It was good fun (apart from dodging everyone because of my long legs, arms and height). I was the only one who couldnt bounce high on trampoline because the ceiling was about a foot away.

Spotify continues to give me good tunes, thank you. Its better than itunes. I had to buy a new spare battery for my phone because older one stopped working. When the phone dies, the phone dies. I had good lunch with Frank last week. Good fun and conversation. Cumnock RFC keeps me busy as ever. I had the Shaw today for eye test. Everything is the same as before about 15 months ago, so thats good.

I like the new panel on American Idol, The Dawg is still bril but adding Jlo & S Tyler was a great move. I am a Scotty McCreary fan. He should stick to what he is doing (C&W).

House, NCIS:LA, NCIS is back on my viewing list as well.

Now I have Law and Order UK on ITV London as STV aint showing the new series, so I am away to watch it. See you all later.