Saturday, 23 October 2010

Update on Saturday 23 October

Hello all you out there, havent done this for a small bit of time.

Firstly yesterday was Sally and my brother who did last years birthday so I took flowers upto the graveyard. I used one of my team to take me there and back. I took a quick picture of the flowers for some family members.

On Wednesday I went for lunch with a friend in Prestwick, Flannigans, it was really nice. We both had car disabled badges so could park in a disabled spot. I also bought hat and gloves in Primark for me (in Ayr)and went down to Bella Home and said hello to Christopher who I do speak to on twitter.

I have been watching on the telly Stargate Atlantis. If you all remember I don't like Jeremy Kyle and basic most daytime telly, but I do like science fiction.

I also watch House, Dancing with the stars, Stargate Universe, Chuck series 4, Drop Dead Diva, Law and Order UK, rugby union. Oh yeah and tomorrow I will be sitting in my chair watching Rangers vs Celtic because pubs usually go mad at some point.

On the news front I have been watching East Midlands Today, London News, South East Today and some Reporting Scotland and STV News at Six.

Also something went mad on my youtube channel. Matt Goss said Susannah Reid had nice legs and I recorded that and put it on youtube and it's the most hits I have ever had on my channel.

Today I am going up with 1st XV of Cumnock RFC to Strathendrick in Fintry. My shirt is already ironed for it. We are using a bus to get up there.

Next week will probably be mad, with quiz wednesday for £150 at Cumnock RFC, Thursday with Tron Legacy in Glasgow and Saturday with halloween.
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