Friday, 24 September 2010

New Media Breakfast #nmb , Glasgow Friday 24/9/10

Well I went to the #nmb this morning. I got up at 5.20am, got ready and headed on train at 6.30 (5 minutes from my house).

Got round to Royal Exchange Square easily but couldn't find 29 for a minute, it was my first time at the #nmb. I got up into main area and was pleased to see Kyle (after months of listening to social media podcast).

I got my fizz and bacon roll (which were really nice) and set my #iphone 3gs on #nmb as search (which helped later). Next Gordon started the event. As people will discover I do moderate comments on my own blog and check comments on forums and facebook which the rugby club has. I even typed into the #nmb search (and yes I am trying to change my twitter picture, #iphone pic is too large to upload (atleast on normal settings).

I understand that unmoderated clause legally I probably wouldn't have. I also wish my members would interact with me more on twitter, but facebook seems to be better for our message.

Video will become bigger, yes. I wondered on twitter, will the newtwitter help it get even more users?

Glasgowdotcom give free advertising to charities, that was good to hear for organisations in Glasgow. I enjoyed the people around the table with me (you might spot us in 1 of kyles photo)

It was a good event and got my things done in Glasgow after it.

Now I have a birthday present to deliver.

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