Thursday, 23 September 2010


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How are we all out there.

The health I am feeling better, a lot more energy to use.

Technology devices:-

Sky is great fun, I worked out not to try and watch 3 channels on sky as it cancels a recording. This means I sky+ a few things like the Stargate and Startrek franchises, rugby, football, NCIS: Los Angeles and music. It definately means I don't watch Jeremy Kyle Show.

I am definately getting used to #Iphone 3gs. Some of the apps are good and some aint. Dragon does not understand me (or it just doesn't understand west of scotland). I got told about rugby scorer app and the timer doesn't work. I also had to unlink foursquare to facebook. My o2 signal has been rubbish at home lately. The wifi is fine at home but currently my phone has no signal. The other main issue is battery power. I did buy an extra battery off ebay so that makes it easier.Good apps include the sky related ones, nextbuses which is useful when you have a bus pass. The mapping is really good as well.

My music gallery (which I need as radio station apps need wifi (which isnt largely publically used down here) has Usher, Foo Fighters, Katy Perry, Emma's Imagination, Eminem, Jon Allen and a few others.

I also use the phone for podcasts ofcourse. I listen to Chris Moyles, Social Media Podcast, the Thumbcast (thanks for getting me to watch Metropolis) and I am listening to quiet News day while I type this.

I have finally decided to go to tomorrows New Media Breakfast in Glasgow tomorrow. I have thought about going to this for a while. I have listened to just about all the podcasts. I will finally see some of the guys I listen to all the time.

As Cumnock RFC webmaster I use twitter, email, facebook, audioboo and club website via pitchero to communicate our message. I do have this little blog as well for me. I used to use it more with pictures but Iphone doesn't use blogger. I do have lots of time as I don't work due to health issues.

So this morning I had 3 health people to see, that's done now, tomorrow is Glasgow and a train at 6.30am tomorrow morning. Saturday I have bbq at woodroad park in Cumnock and Sunday Cumnock RFC with lots of games.
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