Friday, 12 February 2010

Social Media Podcast 14

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Well its podcast time again. Kjmurdoch & Gordonwhite do there regular podcast.

I wouldn't allow a junior for a company to do things for a company. I know when I do stuff for Cumnock RFC I usually have to get a lot of agreement for me to do stuff. We just started using teamer which is a way to text/email players for the club for free (apart from USA). The president referred it to me to check out. I liked it but I still needed to talk to Head Coach that he wants me to use this to talk to the players.

Others things like emailing the local paper which in first instance I thought I might get in trouble for I got praised for. You do have to have a person that you trust to do this for you. Thats why I am the Cumnock RFC Webmaster. You have to know the boundaries that you can go to. There are things which ofcourse I do know which I don't put out publically.

Iain talking about tweetdeck and hootsuite is unfortunately not my area. I know Three just gave me twitter for free until end of march, but its just the mobile site.

I dont have an iphone but I do have audioboo via phoneboo. I linked it to my housephone, not that anybody has said anything to me (I have left it on the bottom of my blog). I just did a phoneboo asking about Wales vs Scotland, lets see if I get an answer for this one. I am on #googlewave since nov/dec and not many people are using it but googlebuzz already feels it has more people using it.

The talk about people using social media at work is going to be a continual subject. After a good discussion with Josh_biggs on twitter, its not as easy as it looks.

You guys are right about learning these new systems and what you want to do. Gordon I am sure Iain isnt your only follower, haha! I do know other people like the sky app, so I know people like it, right Alex.

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