Friday, 15 January 2010

rugby, twitter #followfriday and other stuff.

Good afternoon all, no pictures the now. Thought you might have had enough from yesterday. The broadband signal was playing up for a number of days there, so grrr. It appears to be working a lot better now.

I did my #followfridays at midnight last night, so I haven't had to worry about doing them during today. Here is the list:
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At the rugby club last night I had a number of beers which was good, for some of the hard work I have been doing down there, but I volunteered to do bar Tuesday nights until I get a job. Its not a long shift anyway. I think there is football on English BBC next Tuesday, so I will be able to watch it. We have a committee meeting on Monday.

Catriona was down in the club last night, the person organising the Burns Supper for Saturday 6th February. After seeing the Cumnock Chronicle website on Wednesday and it mentioning Cumnock RFC Burns Supper. Bobby Horton (the chairman of the event) was also there. I was glad I was down in the club to see how they got on organising it. They even got other people who were not buying a ticket to go to it. On the same day Cumnock is away to Cowal (Dunoon) with a noon kick-off. I wonder how long it takes to get back from Dunoon back to Cumnock?

The Cumnock Chronicle did put the email I did into the paper (bottom right of page 31 (2nd last page). Everybody I showed the paper liked the fact it was in the paper (yeah, I didn't get shouted at). I did the right thing.

After that I went into The Sun, tried Fireflies (which I cannot do) and went down that ice path to the bus stands.

Then I got home, had a bite to eat and did some work on the tvnewscaps british threads site as my computer was going quicker and had a very nice chat with sabrina about snow.

I went to bed at 2.30 (and went straight to sleep) and got up at 9am this morning. American Idol has started again and I watched the Atlanta one this morning, you can see from the packages if they are good singers or not before they go up. The biggest point ofcourse was #pantsontheground song. Thankfully the general is 62, so he was slightly above 28 year old limit. Here is the video link

Just watch it!

Lunchtime, I am away.