Thursday, 14 January 2010

Auchinleck 1250

Yes I am just heading to bed. It snowed slightly when I left to go to Cumnock RFC tonight. The SRU put out the fixture changes today and it means it interfears with a social event and when we beat that team we are suppose to play at arran the weekend Wales plays Scotland in 6 nations.

It is thankfully main committee meeting on Monday (I think).

Anyway when I went to the club the ice was that bad I slid on it. Thankfully my big gloves did the job of protecting my hands.

I came home on an earlier bus and watched some telly. The end of Slumdog Millionaire (I saw it last year at cinema) then some QI with Stephen Fry. The ice on my steps was bad, so I got rid of some of it and now it is snowing again (as shown on the video).

Now its bed time. Goodnight.