Friday, 14 August 2009

Friday 14th August

Just headiing to work early.
Already done #followfriday on twitter. Say hi for your own one. This was at 6.30am

It wasnt a good day at work really. Because of a mistake I made last night I had to be in work for 8am.

I have had to put myself on the till more, which means when a problem comes along I dont get the amount of time to deal with it which I am used to. I had a problem which had to be resolved by Steve and Charles in Essentials. I didn't feel good about that one. I hate them getting my problems.

After the busy morning, when the rain was only showers, I got to do the rota and timesheet this afternoon. Everyone is happy this coming week with the rota.

I got finished work and got home about 7.40pm.

I am just watching Virgin 1 tonight.

I didn't get many responses this morning, so lets see if tonight gets any more more. I tried my experiment again today.

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