Friday, 4 December 2009

Follow Friday, My weekend and why I am rugby daft

I got to sleep after 2am this morning. Since I got up I have put my washing on, done my follow friday's on twitter @weeyin13 @lisaseat @tookiebunten @_alexham @birssy @faulko1 @shadwell1970 @caldjr @lliswerryguy @dezbee2008 @backstory @holmescnn @iamboutique @bellahomecouk @evilnanny @ceggs @josh_biggs @aexavf @thegreenwelly @braescotland @unahealthyfan @davidforster @b26marauder @centcaps @tweetybear67 @birssy @tezzer57 @ms_cornwall @djmissfrenchie @thepathtoamen @kidsonbridges @jonallenmusic @lesleygunn @absoluteradio @lj_chi @michaeljbyers @michaelmcguk @openallmics @thetwitcleaner @westfm @pitchero @iainmhepburn @craigmcgill @fallout666 @cumnockchron

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I also had to update news on where the Cumnock minis are going on Sunday. I did this in several ways. So I posted it within their own age groups I did a club news on all the teams details for this weekend in club news on pitchero Cumnock site. I then updated facebook with a note and then I sent an update to all the fans of Cumnock RFC on facebook. That should cover most of my computer stuff. I also had to add a pdf into club documents for mini/midis as well for Scotland/Glasgow/Edinburgh.

I know I am busy Saturday. Weather permitting I am videoing my 1st team rugby game (the head coach asked me, I don't say no to him (I am there to help)), having dinner at home then doing bar that night in the club.

Sunday I have 2 or 3 different youth teams playing at home and then do reports (myself) maybe for one or two sets for paper (plus advertise for more players in paper for another youth team).

I had better say one team is off this weekend and the youngest ones are away from home (which I will sent reports for that night or next day to put on website).

You wonder why I talk rugby as much (does that explain the role at the club as webmaster, me).

I hope that answers why I am rugby (and computer) daft. If I am boring you just check the jokes I posted earlier this week (down the blog).

Thomas Cunningham
Cumnock RFC Webmaster.