Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Bottle bingo and Wednesday 2nd December

Question. Where ìs it.

I was in Cumnock Shopping precinct this morning and saw the sign. Just a slight problem, it doesn't say where the bottle bingo is being held (not that I am going).

I was down in Cumnock as I had an appointment with my optometrists. I got glasses just there but for RUGBY I am getting contacts. Last week the nice young man put them in my eyes in about 1 minute. Today after he showed me the technique of putting them in it took me 15 minutes to put it in 1 eye and 5/10 for the other. I couldn't get them out (there the daily ones) in the last 5 minutes.

I am back next week to try and finish this.

Next I had to go up to my mums and connect her dvd and video correctly in the living room. Program her new phone speed dials and connect up her other tv with digi box, dvd, video.

It took me a bit of time.

I came home, added primary 7 reports for the rugby which I had been emailed to facebook and pitchero sites. I had a bit to do in the council office, forms to do.

I had chips, 4 sausages, burger for lunch at about 3pm today.

You think I was busy today.