Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Tuesday 13 October

Good evening folks, well the Internet connection is working (at least the now, but very slowly).

Work on Friday - Saturday and Sunday wasn't busy.

Going down to the rugby club on Saturday night for the 2nd team report wasn't that much fun, really it wasn't. Hopefully I will enjoy 16th January more.

This past weekend many of the backshift crew in Essentials have not felt well. On the Sunday morning Leonie was onto 3pm and during the morning somebody else phoned in being sick. It meant there was only 2 on backshift. I agreed to working to 9pm and I waited 50 minutes for a bus off park. I thought the bus from Ayr to Auchinleck was at 10.20, but it was Sunday, so it was 10.40. I got home at 11.15pm (I had left at 8.20am (my feet were sore).

I did start at 2pm yesterday and it was busier and today was hectic at work.

I am now starting to think about the gig at King Tuts WaWa Hut in Glasgow next Wednesday. I have added Jon Allen Music, their fan group and aforementioned place to my myspace friends.

On other stuff the death of Stephen Gateley was very surprising. He was younger than me. It is a real shame when that can happen when people have so much to give.
I am glad Louis Walsh didn't do X factor sunday night. Well played to that man.

I still watch Chuck on Virgin 1, it was good tonight with Scott Backula (enterprise, quantum leap) being Orion and Chucks dad.

On CNN International we had Backstory with Karl doing almost the full programme on Columbia. It was amazing how he saw the dealers cutting the coccaine and other drugs and then the dealers of course smoking this stuff. It was great viewing. It was REALLY good investigative journalism.

I am working tomorrow and off Thursday so I can see my doc again.

See you all around.

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