Thursday, 15 October 2009

Thursday 14th

Well i am off today. Ive seen stuart this morning in Cumnock.
Im having a walk the now.

my pc was rubbish last night. I tried to join in trending #breastcancerawareness with weeyin13, mirantha, shadwell1970 on twitter. Twitter wasnt doing it though.

On telly front as this is scotland no england game.

I watched backstory on cnni. It followed up on reaction on karl penhaulm reports on Columbian drugs. We all know that some people in ayrshire take drugs including methodone and so people out there are contributing to columbias problems.

I DONT TAKE DRUGS incase nobody knows that. i have been broken into b4 by drug users, so no i dont like them.

My appointment was for anti coag clinic and its still low and i got there next thursday am. It could have been 2 weeks but i am off next thursday anyway.

This afternoon i am seeing aunty at hospital at ayr, see how she is.

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